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Molecular Memory Systems in Brain Repair after Stroke” cancelled

23 april, 2020, kl 00:00

THE SEMINAR ”Molecular Memory Systems in Brain Repair after Stroke” April 23rd presented by Professor Tom Carmichael,  IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS

 ”Molecular Memory Systems in Brain Repair after Stroke”

The biology of tissue repair and recovery is increasingly well defined after stroke. Brain circuits adjacent to or connected with stroke experience alterations in plasticity and functional connections as a result of the distant stroke damage. Recent research indicates that molecular systems that modulate synaptic plasticity in learning and memory processes are also uniquely influenced by stroke, and can be manipulated to enhance recovery. These studies have moved from the research lab to clinical trials. This talk will cover synaptic plasticity after stroke and enhancing excitatory signaling in a way that facilitates functional connectivity and recovery of function.


23 april, 2020