What we do

StrokeSyd – a response to a huge unmet medical need


Every 6th person living in Sweden today will be afflicted by stroke [30 000 individuals yearly (17 million worldwide)]. Out of these, one third will not survive the stroke and one third will be left with disabilities that require lifelong care at institutions or by next of kin. In Sweden, at least 140 000 individuals live with stroke and the yearly societal cost of stroke amounts to approximately 15 billion SEK. Stroke is responsible for most days spent by patients at somatic care hospitals and institutions. The lack of understanding the cause of stroke and its consequences for the brain and the afflicted person explains why few treatments are available, and will with an increased life expectancy of the population lead to substantial costs in the future for society. Obviously, there are imperative medical and societal needs to find measures that (1) prevent stroke, (2) decrease damage inflicted to the brain by stroke, and (3) promote recovery of lost brain function (including rehabilitation) after stroke and improve quality of life of stroke survivors.

Research in these areas is strong within StrokeSyd, and the centre has already 70 members, employed by Region Skåne or Lund University, registered.