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Research, Health Care Development, Education and Innovations in the area of stroke
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A Centre for Research, Health Care Development, Education and Innovations in the area of stroke at Lund University and Region Skåne


Petrea Frid – Half-time review seminar

Posterior circulation ischemic stroke – phenotypic, genetic and treatment perspectives Petrea Frid Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University Main supervisor: Associate professor Jesper Petersson, MD, PhD Co-supervisors: Professor Arne Lindgren, MD, PhD; Associate professor Johan…

Trine Apostolaki-Hansson – Half-time review seminar

Trine Apostolaki-Hansson, MD Title: Prognosis in intracerebral hemorrhage related to antithrombotic use - Observational studies based on the Swedish stroke register (Riksstroke) Location: Library at the department of Neurology, Malmö or Zoom: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/65903538863?pwd=QkJTMVFYbXhKYy8zVDhZazV4T3Fudz09 Main supervisor:…

Andreea Ilinca’s doctoral defence in medical sciences, subject neurology

Title:  ”Genetic mechanisms for stroke in young adults. A clinical perspective” Zoom: https://lu-se.zoom.us/s/67592450698 Opponent: Frank-Erik de Leeuw, professor, Department of Neurology of the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Chairman: Per Odin, professor, Department…

Annual Scientific Meeting May 8th, postponed

Due to the development regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and in an effort to prevent spreading of the virus, StrokeSyd has decided to postpone the Annual Scientific Meeting, scheduled to take place in Lund 8th of…

Links to lectures från StrokeSyd 2nd anniversary day 2019

For those of you who didn’t had the opportunioty to attend to StrokeSyd’s anniversary day on May 20, 2019, there are links below to recorded lectures. Håkan Carlsson - Rehabilitation of sensory impairments of the…
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